3SMReviews: Men in Black III

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How often is the third movie in a franchise awesome?  This was good enough that I loved it despite uncomfortable seats, bad sound and a viewing in an un-airconditioned theater on a day when temperatures reached 100 degrees.*  The plot was tight, fun and funny and the acting was quite good making this a good escape from the heat, even while sitting in a steam bath.

Cost:  $3.00 (plus another $10.00 for a sandwich when I realized I was starving)
Place:  McMenamin’s St. Johns Theater.

*McMenamin’s St. Johns Theater has many charms, but they are more difficult to channel on a very hot day.  To be fair, they told us to go in the theater before we bought our tickets, so we could see just how hot it was.  We bought tickets anyway.

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  • Sara K.

    We need to see this. (Sorry 1-sentence rule is in effect until I get caught up).

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