Three sentence movie reviews: Pride and Prejudice

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After watching the long miniseries, this went by in a flash. I did not take to this Mr. Darcy, but did enjoy the acting of everyone else. If you don’t have time to invest in the miniseries (but you do, trust me, you do) this will do in a pinch.

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  • Sara K.

    This one has taken time to grow on me. Pigs in the house, the unkempt hair, Elizabeth never wearing a hat, course clothing, and many other not quite Austen approved things always cause me to say, they were still gentry, by goodness. The Mr. Collins is classic!

  • Sara K.

    Oopsies – coarse clothing! Good thing I showed Shawn my comment – he always has to hear my complaints about the film – he caught my little error. I, in fact, really enjoy the movie, now. We just bought it! 🙂 I am creating an Austen collection. So far I have BBC P & P, this new P & P, the new BBC Persuasion. I shall keep working on it!

  • IdahoGirls

    I am not a big Knightly fan. I always get this weird fascination/obsession over her teeth. This movie was just ok for me. I am with you on Darcy I did not like him AT ALL!!!

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