Saying goodbye to Videorama

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When I moved to Kenton, Videorama took up 4/5 of this building, and the gym (also owned by the same people) was 1/5 of the building.  At some point, the two reversed themselves. 

And now, my last video store opportunity has gone.

I will miss having the opportunity to walk in, browse, rent new movies, find old movies.  I will miss the employee picks.  It was because of them I discovered All the Real Girls and other good movies.

It feels weird to realize that one of my jobs (video store clerk, Blockbuster Video) has completely disappeared. 

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  • kathleen.

    Saying goodbye to the old way of the journey to watching a movie. I’m pleasantly surprised it lasted this long..!

  • Sara K.

    This is just sad. 🙁

  • Sara K.

    I also think about how many wonderful movies were discovered when looking at the movie racks or the “oh yeah I wanted to see that movie!” moments as you walked by. I always forget – this the pinboard!

  • Sara K.

    Now back to dinner prep…

  • Jan W.

    All there any Videoramas still open (I can’t remember if there was more than one)? I don’t think I’ve stepped foot in a video store in at least 12 or 13 years.

    • stenaros

      The Pearl district one was the first to go, which I found interesting. Apparently all those people downtown got on the Netflix wagon early. The St. John’s location closed last year, maybe? That left the Alberta and Kenton locations. They closed both at the same time. I’ve suspected that the gym part of the business has been propping up the video rental part for some time now.

      Thanks to the library, I didn’t go there as much as I could have. But I will still miss it.

      I wonder how Movie Madness is surviving?

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