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“Sweetheart, this movie has Ryan Phillippe, Joseph Gordon-Levitt AND Channing Tatum, why I have I not seen this before?” said I.  It also has Abbie Cornish, who I like despite not liking her character in Bright Star. This was a pretty good movie, full of drama and tough choices, marking this as a “good” MTV films production.*

*Matt thinks he hates MTV Films, but I argue they can make some darn good movies when they set their minds to it.  Check out a list of their films. Despite the presence of Jackass 2.5 and the like, there are some darn good movies on that list.  They are especially good a capturing moments in adolescence.  (Varsity Blues, Election, Napoleon Dynamite.)

Also, I really like this movie poster.  Well done, unknown designer.

poster from: http://www.impawards.com/2008/stop_loss.html

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  • Sara K.

    I adore JGL! I didn't think this would be a Sara-movie. What do you think, NFS?

  • Patricia

    I think it would be Sara friendly. It's not really violent, just a lot of talking in different rooms, when you get right down to it.

  • Patricia Collins

    Treasure hunters! You have found the third clue! For those of you who knew right off to what movie I was referring and are curious about the other three films they are:

    Lana and Lilly Wachowski in Jupiter Ascending
    Anne Fletcher in Step Up
    Barbara Kopple in Havoc (Where he appears for approximately three seconds and the rest of the movie is very bad. I had no idea Kopple directed that film. Go watch one of her documentaries instead.)

    Here’s clue #3
    The woman director I call the quiet one, she often sets her movies in Oregon and has cast Michelle Williams in three different films. It took me a long time to catch up with her first film, but that’s where you will find the next clue.

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