The Two Popes is a Good Conversation

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The Two Popes

The review:

Considering that The Two Popes is a movie of basically two guys talking, Fernando Meirelles directs a very good film.* For those fans of walking and talking, wrestling with weighty issues, and sins of the past, this will be a treat.** For fans of good acting, you have both Anthony Hopkins and Jonathan Pryce bringing their A game.

The verdict: Good

Cost: Netflix monthly fee ($8.99)
Where watched: at home

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Further sentences:

*I mean, granted, the two guys talking aren’t dudes on the #6 bus; they’re men who became popes. The title doesn’t lie.
**Plus, you get to see the process for choosing a new pope, which I found interesting.


Do you think that the head of the Catholic Church should follow the Pope Benedict model (traditional, pomp and circumstance) or the Pope Francis model (reform, the carnival is over)

Favorite IMDB trivia item:

Jonathan Pryce commented on his physical resemblance to Pope Francis at the Toronto International Film Festival: “The day Pope Francis was declared Pope, the Internet was full of images of me and him, and ‘Is Jonathan Pryce the Pope?’ Even my son texted me, ‘Dad are you the Pope?'”

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The Two Popes
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  • Allie

    I can’t summon the excitement to watch this, even though I know I should for the performances. I did love 12 Angry Men though, so now you’ve got me curious.

    • Patricia Collins

      I enjoy a good walking-and-talking (or in the case of 12 Angry Men, sitting and talking) movie. Back when I was younger, I thought all of adult life would be made up of heady conversations. It’s not the case in my life, but I do enjoy when it happens in movies. This movie is also charmingly amusing. I look forward to hearing what you think if you do summon the excitement.

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