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I can’t decide if it was because American comedy mores have changed so dramatically since 1972 that I only found this puzzling and frustrating, rather than funny.*  Perhaps it was the subject matter that tanked it for me.**  Overall, I just didn’t understand what the ultimate message I was supposed to take away from this film.***

Cost:  free on YouTube
Where watched: at home, while painting toenails purple.

*But then, again, I found the director’s previous film, A New Leaf, quite amusing.
**Just as in Mikey and Nicky, Elaine May excels at putting women in wrenching scenes. I will always remember the scene in the restaurant with the excellent pecan pie as being incredibly awful to watch.  Poor Jeannie Berlin!  Though I do agree with the sentiments expressed on the poster.
***Thus, I look forward to the Filmspotting discussion.  I’m also curious about the 2007 remake. It looks like an awful movie, but the status of women has changed a bit since 1971, so I’m curious as to the update.  The remake is written by a woman, so perhaps I will watch it, if only to keep the #womenfilmsbywomen going.

poster from:
(I really like the poster.  And you can see the fold marks!)

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  • Sara K.

    I love the detail about the purple toenail polish! The fold marks are rather delightful! Apparently there is a 2007 version.

  • Jan W.

    Yeah, there’s something about comedies from the 1970s that I’m just not keen on. I think it’s just not a favorite time period of mine for film in general. Only the 1950s were more lackluster to me.

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