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Overall an interesting, well acted movie that illuminates the terrible trials* Mr. Robinson was put through in order to play baseball.  Harrison Ford manages not to be annoying.**  I felt like it could have been 20 minutes shorter.

Cost: free from library
Where watched: at home.

*One of the terrible trials involved the Phillies’s manager repeatedly saying horribly racist things as Jackie Robinson was at bat. I recognized the actor, but couldn’t place him. It turned out to be Alan Tudyk, who I most identify as Wash in the tragically cancelled Serenity series.
**This movie is packed with where-have-I-seen-that-guy? white men.  Some of which include the guy who played Billy Riggins on Friday Night Lights (Derek Phillips) and the not-Paul-Walker guy from Fast & Furious Tokyo Drift (Lucas Black)

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  • Jan W.

    Alan Tudyk playing a racist? That makes my heart sad. To be fair, he played a creepy pedophile in an episode of CSI and was surprisingly very good at it. Perhaps I should be a good fan and appreciate his range.

    • stenaros

      The whole time he was saying the racist things, I kept thinking, who IS that guy? His hair was a different color, though and he’s older, (as we all are) but his eyes were so familiar.

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