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This was brilliantly acted with a lot of nuance and great performances.  It’s also a movie that trails off with no ending, which can be interesting and also as if the writer didn’t know how to end their story.  Overall, one of those films I don’t mind that I watched, but am not chomping to return to it.

Cost:  $1.50 from Redbox
Where watched: at home (movie #1 on Movie Day)

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  • Sara K.

    That actress was a lawyer on Broadchurch (I think – now I am wondering if she was in a different show…too lazy to IMDB), a compelling drama from Across the Pond. It stars David Tenant (10 is my Doctor) and was actually remade in America, too. Do you know it?

    • stenaros

      I have heard many good things about it, but have not watched it myself.

  • Jan

    I was so psyched to watch this film, was supremely bummed that I didn’t see it in theater, and then when I finally saw it, I couldn’t stand it. I was bored stupid, found the secret that was revealed completely anticlimactic. Two thumbs down from me. (FWIW, I also didn’t care for Broadchurch. Gave up three episodes in and read the Wiki synopsis to find out whodunnit. Lol.)

    • stenaros

      I was similarly underwhelmed. Of my move watching day, this ranks third. This had good acting, but the plot wasn’t what I wanted it to be.

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