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Just as I always fall prey to Vince Vaughn’s talky-talky thing, so did I enjoy Eddie Murphy’s chamelon-like trove of characters to get himself out of all sorts of situations.  Though I will never understand the early 80s fascination of Judge Reinhold, both he and John Ashton were perfect foils to Murphy’s color-outside-the-lines brand of detective work.*  This movie also has bit parts with Paul Reiser and I was delighted to find a pre-Balki Bronson Pinchot who cracked me up with his portrayal of Serge, an Associate Art Director at a gallery.

*This movie also includes two 80s movie staples: boobs (in the strip bar) and a lot of ridiculous shooting of guns that totally wouldn’t happen in real life.

Cost: free from library. I think I ended up requesting this because I was really going after Beverly Hills 90210 season 1, and this came up in the search results and I realized I’d not seen it.
Where watched: at home.


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  • Jan W.

    Okay, well now I don’t feel so strange for having never seen this all the way through (I’ve seen a few scenes, including Bronson Pinchot’s), since one of my peers recently watched it herself. I don’t know what my reluctance is. I hear it’s funny, and it’s from Eddie Murphy’s good days, so you would think I’d like it.

  • Sara K.

    Woah! I haven’t seen this movie in ages. I don’t remember the boobs, so I wonder if I saw it on TV.

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