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Probably the best cheerleader movie ever, despite the fact that Kristen Dunst, is the most awkward looking cheerleader ever.*  And why hasn’t Eliza Dushku broken out from her Joss Whedon work, she’s so incredibly alluring?  Overall, a very good piece of confection.

Cost: $2.75 from Videorama
Where watched: at home during the snow day.  This double feature (with Clueless) was brought to you by the interview with Nicole Bilderback on the “I Was There Too” podcast.

*I remember this from the first time I watched this.  I think it has something to do with her incredibly long arms.

poster from:

I was very interested in the posters from other countries. Germany features the cheerleading uniforms, but it’s called Girls United.



Whereas France has no uniforms and calls it American Girls.  I hope Tom Petty fans in France weren’t confused.


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  • Jan W.

    I wonder whatever happened to Jesse Bradford? He was so cute in this! I haven’t seen it in a very long time, but I loved it back in the day. Such a sweet little film. P.S. I feel that the France poster is a lot more sexual than the movie is.

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