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crossing delancey

This was on an internet list of good romantic comedies you’ve never seen.  I found it to be an amazing cataloger of mid-80s clothing and hair, and a sweet love story for “older” people.  It was also kind of a snooze, but that might have been because of the wine.

Cost: free from library
Where watched: at home.

(I’ve always liked the title, though.)

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  • Jan W.

    Wow, it’s apparently obscure enough that when I typed “Crossing D” (too lazy to type out the full word), it didn’t even come up as a suggestion. However, I’m pretty sure I’d heard of it before, even if I hadn’t seen it. The male lead looked familiar so I clicked on his name, and am now feeling shocked that I never realized that the guy who played Boon in “Animal House” is also in “Oliver,” a movie that Dan loves & has watched so frequently in my presence that I’ve grudgingly started to like it.

    • stenaros

      I just had the same experince and had to come back to the comments page to copy the title exactly so I could paste it into the search bar. Weird.

      I feel like this was one of those movies I saw at the video store for years.

      Also, do you mean the movie Oscar? That has a big cult following. (Or perhaps a modest one.)

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