Three sentence movie reviews: Dirty Dancing Havana Nights

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One of the Filmspotting team thinks this is a better version than it’s predecessor* and so I figured I would check it out.  It is indeed a delightful film having really cool stuff (Cuba, Latin Dance, the delicious Diego Luna, as well as the Cuban revolution) and the dancing is also great.  You can even spot now famous people who weren’t then** as well as a cameo by someone who is now dead.***

Cost: Free from library
Where watched: at home, while painting toenails.  It’s not a great movie for this activity.  I had to keep stopping to watch the dancing

*causing much outraged glee from the other of the Filmspotting team.
**Two, count ’em, two actors now famous for their roles in Mad Men are present.
***Said cameo elicited a squeal of glee from me.

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  • Jan W.

    Geez, I can’t believe that this movie is 11 years old. Holy crap. I love Romola Garai, but I doubt I’ll be seeing this movie any time soon. Also, you simply cannot talk about painting your toenails without telling us what color.

    • stenaros

      I know! (about the 11 years old and the toenails).

      I was trying to remember if I’ve done my toes since I watched this movie. I must have, calendar-wise. But I can’t remember what color they were. It wasn’t the confetti pink, or the sparkly orange, so the other choices are dark red, grey and green. I’ve been meaning to buy some purple polish, but I don’t really know what my paycheck will be (paid monthly on the last day of the month, pay period ends on the 15th so my October 30 check was only for October 5-15) and the polish hasn’t been on sale, so I’ve been holding off.

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