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Many movies about comedians are not funny, but this one is.  As with any great Improv group, the ensemble cast is terrific, with special props going to Gillian Jacobs* as Samantha, the woman who just wanted to maintain the status-quo.  I enjoyed the depth of character and the complexity of emotion.

Cost: $9.75
Where watched: Cinema 21 with Matt.

*I recently discovered her playing Mimi Rose Howard in the TV show Girls, but apparently she was also really good in Community.

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  • Sara K.

    It looks like such a fun cast. I’m glad it’s actually fun in reality. Well, film reality!

  • Jan W.

    Sounds really interesting! Was there angst in it or was it pure comedy?

    • stenaros

      It was angsty and comedic. I really liked this film, it hit all my sweet spots.

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