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I knew Alexandar Pettyfar was British, but imagine my surprise when I watched the DVD extra and discovered that so was the female lead, the guy that played her brother and also the actress playing their mother.*  This was a by-the-book romance that threw in a few surprises now and then.** Overall, a fine way to pass an afternoon, though it will be quickly forgotten.

Cost: free from library (a “why not?” selection)
Where watched: at home.

*I find Pettyfar’s American accent to be far into the “dumb jock” register to really like listening to him talk (see: this movie, Magic Mike) but the rest of the cast’s accents were flawless. Though certainly not Southern-by-way-of-Atlanta, where everyone was supposed to live.
**It is also apparently a remake of a 1981 movie of the same title starring Brooke Sheilds.  The library does not have it, alas, but just the quick plot synopsis tells me that a significant number of details were changed.

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  • Jan W.

    It sounds a bit dramatic from the Wikipedia synopsis. I wonder why, if it was set in Atlanta, they chose all British actors for it? Did all the American actors suck?

    • stenaros

      Oh my god, so dramatic!

      Yes, what’s up with all the American actors? Could they not bring it?

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