3SMR: First Reformed

 In Drama, Everything, Skip, Suspense
poster from: http://www.impawards.com/2018/first_reformed.html (this is a really great poster)

There is a slight chance that my viewing of this film suffered from overly enthusiastic critics, but perhaps not. While the acting was good, I was never captivated by the story, possibly because Reverand Toller’s mental state made it hard to get a good sense of him, which put a lot of distance between me and the character I was supposed to care about, which left me a little bored.* I did enjoy the stark landscape of upstate New York in winter and the clean white lines of the Dutch Reform Church.**

Cost: $6.00
Where watched: Laurelhurst Theater with S. North (Two people walked out of this showing!)

Consider watching instead: A Ghost Story, Manchester by the Sea

*I also watched this in the 1:00–3:00 p.m. segment of the day which is a good test if the movie can hold my attention. It didn’t. I took in some of it with my eyes closed.
**I also have an opinion about THE ENDING, which I won’t express here do to spoilers.

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