Three sentence movie reviews: Fred Armisen For Drummers Only

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A recommend by someone who knows of my love of drummers, this was a bit uneven for a comedy special, but it was full of drummer love. I particularly enjoyed Armisen’s tour of the drum kits through the years. The audience members also had to play drums in order to prove they were drummers to gain entry; the notice on the sign didn’t lie.

Cost: Neflix monthly fee
Where watched: at home

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Is this not the best promotional poster you’ve seen in a long time?

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  • Sara K.

    I am going to have to add this to the sticky note list of movies to watch. Obvs! 🙂 (NOTE: I am counting that emoji and this parenthetical as the third sentence in my 3-sentence response to your 3-sentence movie review.)

    • stenaros

      You will enjoy the drummer humor so much! (Though it is very uneven.)

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