Three sentence movie reviews: GI Joe Retaliation

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I went to see this because it’s the newest Channing Tatum flick and if Mr. CT is in a movie, go I must.  I do not wish to do any plot spoiling here, but let me tell you that there is a reason he’s kind of small on the movie poster, and that reason was rather disappointing to me.  However, I rallied, and instead focused my keen critic eye on the actress who played Tyra on Friday Night Lights.

Cost: $4.00 (now the only way to see a movie for less than $4.00 is to go to the Kennedy School where they charge $3.00 and where I usually end up ordering wine so the cost isn’t $3.00 at all.)
Where watched:  Jubitz Cinema.  It was me and a room full of truckers who, to my delight, had their usual pre-movie conversation where they don’t know each other, stare straight ahead, never making eye contact and they talk about all matter of things.

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  • Sara K.

    Our CT! So, he died right away? I hate that!

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