Three sentence movie reviews: Hell or High Water

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When one spends several hours doing hard labor in service of a landscaping project, one does not have the gumption to do much else.  So it was that this film got a re-watch, and I enjoyed it just as much as the first time.  The casual “funny” racism of Jeff Bridges character still irked, but I still loved the layers of this story and how well it is told.

Cost: free from library
Where watched: at home with Matt, who really enjoyed it.

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Fun fact:  Comancheria was the original title of this film. It seems that it worked better for the French people than the idiom Hell or High Water.

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  • Sara K.

    Nope. Not interested. But I am glad it was interesting for you!!!

  • Jan

    I was reading something on Reddit recently & someone mentioned how great all of Taylor Sheridan’s films are and sang the praises of Wind River in particular. Another commenter was like, “Idk, I didn’t think Maggie Gyllenhaal was very believable in it.” Except she’s not in that film? I can only assume the commenter was confusing her with Elizabeth Olsen, even though they’re 12 years apart in age. And I don’t think they look particularly alike. I was so annoyed that I thought about creating a Reddit account just to correct them. I didn’t.

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