Three sentence movie reviews: Hell or High Water

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Interesting perspective on the bank robber movie, with good performances by all.*  I was interested in the inclusion of causal racism in the film and feel like there’s a whole discussion to have there, that no one is having.  Overall, a tense journey with a few surprises.**

Cost: $3.00
Where watched: Laurelhurst with S. North

*There are great bit parts also, played by a bunch of fun-to-watch people. Katy Mixon (as Jenny Ann, the waitress who didn’t want to give up her tips) was my favorite, though Margaret Bowman as the T-Bone waitress was also fun.
**Also an example of a movie where people on both sides of the gun debate could point to and say, “See!  That’s why we should/shouldn’t have open carry laws!”

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  • Jan W.

    I liked this one. Both Chris Pine and Ben Foster were fantastic! I also thought the heist plot was quite clever and different.

    • stenaros

      I’ve heard really mixed reactions to it, but I thought it was good. It’s one of those movies I want Matt to watch, but I seem not to have time lately for viewing movies a second time with Matt.

      I think I will probably remember my dawning awareness of the reason for the heists as a high point in 2016 movies.

  • Sara K.

    Oooh, a movie with deeper discussions to be had beyond the bank robbing. There are some interesting discussions about gun ownership around Philando Castille and his murder, here. Not comfortable but important, I think.

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