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To be fair to this movie, I was kind of board and would have preferred to read but didn’t have any books of interest. However, the movie was way too long and not at all the movie I thought it would be.* Also, the 26 year age difference made the supposed romance yucky and weird.**

Cost: free from Hoopla, the library’s streaming service
Where watched: in bed, on my new tablet. I sneezed once, and the screen flipped.  That was more exciting than this film.

*If IMDB trivia is to be believed I wasn’t the only one who noticed: “It’s gone from a Hepburn-Tracy Woman of the Year (1942) to The Pelican Brief (1993) in a very short time span,” one competing studio marketing person noted before it was released.
**There’s one scene where a really hot 20-something in a meatmarket-type bar picks Nick Nolte (then 53) as the only guy in the bar she would go home with, which I found laughable.
(Aside: Many of Julie Robert’s outfits reminded me of my high school friend Leath’s clothing style, so that was fun.)

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  • Jan W.

    Julia Roberts and Nick Nolte as romantic leads? With each other? No thanks.

    • stenaros

      It was so very, very bad. Also, according to IMDB, the two of them couldn’t stand each other and most of the movie was shot with stand-ins rather than the lead actors on the set together.

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