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Oh, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, you’ve been so good in so many films* and I hope you keep working for many years. This is one of those films that could be incredibly so-so, or also could be quietly charming and very good, and I’m happy to say that it was the latter, rather than the former. This was just the bit of “good movie” my Sunday night needed.**

Cost: Netflix subscription fee
Where watched: at home. Matt was half watching it and he also enjoyed it.

*I’m specifically thinking here of Beyond the Lights, but I know also she’s quite good in Belle, which I haven’t seen because the library only had a Blu-Ray copy and I didn’t have a Blu-Ray player when it was released on DVD. Which reminds me. [pause while things happen online] Hold has been placed.
**Random note:  Michael Huisman also played the romantic lead in the Age of Adaline. What a difference the subtraction of facial hair and addition of glasses makes. And further investigation has me thinking they also changed his nose. Also, he was Sonny in the show Treme!  He’s great in that, too.

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  • Sara K.

    Adding to the sticky note list I am keeping while I read your posts. Will watch! Thank you!!!

    Side note 1: I keep thinking I will get back to my last comment…but it has clearly been awhile (sorry) and I haven’t encountered it yet.

    Side note 2: Blog update – spotlight post had to be re-uploaded. Sigh.

    • stenaros

      This is a TFS film! And will require some hankies. I suspect it also might be an example of colorblind casting.

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