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I’m going on record as saying that I remember my family watching this on VHS in 1987 and finding it hilarious.*  And while it wasn’t knee-slapping funny, I laughed throughout this viewing. If you are amused by two middle-aged men bumbling through the desert, you will quite possibly like this movie, especially if you ignore all the film-critic baggage that has attached itself to this picture.

Cost: $2.99 via Google Play
Where watched: at home on the tablet.  Film 3 of 3 of today’s scheduled Movie Palooza.

*So much so that I can still sing the “Tellin’ the Truth” song from the soundtrack.

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  • kathleen

    Sounds like something I should definitely check out..!

  • Sara K.

    I, too, have the same memory. Loving and laughing heartily at this movie. How are the stereotypes of the Middle East playing now-a-days?

  • Jan W.

    Isn’t this movie famously considered very bad? I always get it confused with Xanadu and Zardoz for no other reason than that they’re all one-word, strange-name titles. Regardless, I’ve never seen it because it seems to have a bad reputation.

    • stenaros

      This is indeed the film famous for being bad. This was a sentiment I didn’t share when it came out, nor do I share now. It’s not a perfect film, but it is funny and is probably worth watching just for the scene where Warren Beatty is unable to pick up a woman in a bar, while Dustin Hoffman was “the Hawk” and quite the ladies man.

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