Three sentence movie reviews: Lord of the Rings Extended Versions of The Fellowship of the Ring, Two Towers, Return of the King

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Really, there are three movies, so there should be nine sentences, but they all blurred together into a very long movie.  I found that a lot of the bonus content was not necessarily necessary, but was mostly interesting.  And I realized I hadn’t seen these movies since their release (it was a Christmas activity with the brother for three years running) so I had mostly completely forgotten the story, which made for pleasant viewing as it seemed new to me.*

Cost:  free
Where watched:  Laurie and Burt’s house.

*Also, I had completely forgotten the huge amount of eye candy, which made for a pleasant addition to eleven hours of viewing.

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  • balyien

    Yes, there are a lot of fine looking actors & actresses in these films. Fun fact: "Return of the King" is the only Best Picture winner I won't be watching again because I've already seen it so many times (I could get away with not watching "Chicago" again but I don't want to).

  • Sara K.

    Wow! I did some of the same when I read the books. I just had to skim and scan over some of the marching/battling/etc. scenes.

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