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It’s a boy-centered story about skaters from the 70s directed by a rock star female director.  Thus, a movie that could have been an action bro-fest is still captivating in its execution, but is also overlaid with a depth of feeling I was not at all expecting.   When it was over, I wanted more, so I partook in the rare action of watching ALL of the DVD extras* which were also** fun.***

Cost:  Free from Netflix
Where watched: at home.

*In which Catherine Hardiwicke was described as a “method director,” a description I loved.   The person making the comment talked about how in shooting the surf scenes she was in her wet suit in the water with the actors the whole time.
**Just hearing about how even the skate instructor had to learn on the skinny 70s skateboards was interesting.
***I also spent some time feeling sad for the loss of Heath Ledger.  Man, that guy could disappear into a character.

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  • Sara K.

    Another NFS. But your commentary makes me very interested in the making of the movie. And I love that Catherine Hardiwicke directed it.

  • Jan W.

    I’ve always heard very good things about this film! Heath Ledger is one of those rare celebrity deaths that really affected me. Such a great talent, gone far too soon. Plus, I felt awful for his little girl, never getting to know her dad.

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