Three sentence movie reviews: Mad Men Season 6

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All the main characters had very good arcs to travel this season and there were several memorable moments throughout.  What will season seven bring? A good man for Peggy?  Something new for Joan?  A turning point for Don?  Pete actually getting a clue?  I’ve just realized that all those questions broke me three-sentence rule.

Cost:  $8.00 (rented in four parts each costing $2.00 from Videorama)
Where watched:  at home.

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  • balyien

    I'm trying to remember at what point I stopped watching Mad Men. Season 3 maybe? Don't know if I'll ever get back to it. Too much to watch….

  • Sara K.

    You totally broke your rule. Perhaps I will do the same in my 3-sentence response. I have not watched MM, but Shawn loves it. Also my favorite fashion bloggers at Project Rungay write posts about it, too!

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