Three sentence movie reviews: Meet me in St. Louis

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There are so many delightful moments in this movie, especially if you skip the super bizarre Halloween scene.* I especially appreciated the sets and costumes, which Technicolor showed off perfectly. The family interactions are what buoys this movie, and the songs are delightful.

Cost: free from library
Where watched: at home, as part of Filmspotting’s Minnelli Marathon.

*What the heck is going on there? Aside from all the children making huge fires and hazing other children, was it considered a good thing to get flour thrown in your face by a small child?  If not, why even answer the door?

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  • Sara K.

    I am starting to sing all my favorite songs…which is really most of them, it is chock full of good ones! You are so right about the kids on Halloween – highly unacceptable behavior. I love the costumes and hairstyles, too!

    • stenaros

      I liked the costumes and hairstyles too, though I suspect this movies suffers from Decade Hair Creep as defined in this post:

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