Three sentence movie reviews: Obvious Child

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I really, really, really liked both of the main characters in this movie* and parts of it were amusing.  It was, however, incredibly slow, which made for disappointing viewing.  I do like how smartly crafted it was, wrapping an abortion into a standard rom-com format.

Cost:  $8.00
Where watched: Cinema 21 (in the new expanded theaters) with a certain boyfriend.

*With the male lead reminding me of a certain boyfriend in both looks and level of nice.

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  • Mod

    Oh wait that's me!

  • Patricia

    Indeed it is!

  • Sara K.

    Oh look, a certain BF actually commented! How nice! Way to pull him in!!!

  • balyien

    I had to look up the actor. While I'm not familiar with him, his hair in his IMDB profile pic looks a lot like Matt's, haha.

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