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This movie suffered (through no fault of its own) from overexposure because I saw the preview too many times.  But given it was Diablo Cody, I went anyway, because I’m always interested in her characters.  As usual, she wasn’t really into us liking Ricki, which I was okay with, and I also enjoyed how there wasn’t really a villain in the story, just people trying their best to navigate through things as best they could.

Cost: $4.70 due to Fandango gift card from Jan
Where watched: Regal Lloyd Center with Kelly (birthday present part I)

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  • Jan W.

    There was something about this film that was completely unappealing to me. I think it’s the whole “I was a crappy parent but now that you’re an adult and I’m edging ever closer to death, I’m going to try to make up for it” thing. I probably take it too personally. I’m sure if I watched it, I’d like it. Anyway, isn’t it a little weird how much of a clone Mamie Gummer is of her mother? It’s uncanny.

    • stenaros

      On the clone front, totally. The other actress/daughter is also similarly cloned.

      I would say that Ricki doesn’t really want to make up for being a terrible. She’s resistant the entire time, which I found refreshing. The en ding, however, was pure Hollywood standard, and cliche, but enjoyable.

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