Three sentence movie reviews: The Art of the Steal

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While new actors are fun to discover, there’s something to be said of watching a film made with industry veterans.*  This is a heist movie and also a family dynamics movie and it has some very funny scenes.**  Overall, this is a very good investment of 90 minutes of your time.

Cost: free from library (recommended by Jan)
Where watched: at home

*Russell, Dillon, Kenneth Welch, Terrance Stamp have over 400 acting credits between them. The rest of the cast brings their A-game too.
**Jay Baruchel at the border was hilarious

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  • Jan W.

    I’m so glad that you enjoyed it! Recommending films is always such a crapshoot. I know it’s not the best movie ever, but it’s quite entertaining. A nice bit of fluff for a quiet evening at home!

  • Sara K.

    Seriously, there are some big hitters in this film! I don’t remember hearing about it. I feel like I wrote that a lot in my three sentence movie reviews.

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