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I like that I watched this movie; it was interesting to see the depiction of 50s hoodlums, and Willem DaFoe’s performance was good.  But it wasn’t a very good movie to watch due to some drag and a general ennui that emanated from the characters that made me wonder why I should care much about them.  I’ve hit a low point in my #52moviesbywomen project.

Cost: free from library
Where watched: at home

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  • Sara K.

    Nice deployment of ennui!!! I suppose it’s only reasonable to hit a low in your watching experience. But you did it and saw them all!!!

    • stenaros

      Shhhhh! You are ruining the suspense. 🙂

  • Jan W.

    The smolder in that poster is cracking me up! I didn’t recognize him at all. Would you say this was a more understated Defoe performance?

    • stenaros

      Well, he wasn’t frothing (going Full Defoe?) but he also couldn’t be described as understated.

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