Three sentence movie reviews: The Reluctant Debutante

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Set your mindset to 1958 to enjoy this delightfully funny film.*  Rex Harrison and Kay Kendall show off their physical comedy skills, and Sandra Dee is perfect as the slightly bored American being put through the debutante wringer.**  Aside from having a great selection of 1958 fashion to take in,*** it also clips right along, avoiding any of that “old movie” slack.

Cost: free, because I wasn’t going to pay to watch a movie from 1958.  I googled “Reluctant Debutant free” and used one of the services.
Where watched:  at home, on my computer.

*Because if you don’t do this, you won’t enjoy it, given the 17-year-old girl paired with a 23 year-old-man. There’s also several instances where a girl being wrestled into a kiss is played off as a minor irritant/no big deal.
**If a trivia note in IMDB is to be believed, she was 14 when this movie was filmed.
***I first encountered this movie at quite the impressionable age, maybe 12 or 13?  The scene is set early on with a title card saying simply:  London: The Season.  I can remember quite clearly thinking with awe, “What is The Season?”  I could tell from the title card it was a Big Deal.  From that point on, I would intermittently wonder what my life would be like if I had a big debut when I was 17. (Which, given that I was an American middle class teenager, was never going to happen, even if I suddenly was transformed to a British citizen, but I didn’t know that.)

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  • Sara K.

    Wow! Quite the cast. I love all of your asterisked caveats.

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