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It was quite fun to watch this with a fellow Borah Alum and catch all the references together.  It was even more fun when the fellow Borah Alum’s  husband laughed at several parts.  On second viewing, I still find this to be a solidly constructed movie about a subject we usually don’t see from the female perspective.

Cost: I actually own it.
Where watched: in the Minneapolis household of the Borah Alum and her husband.

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  • Sara K.

    Minus the content that I don;t really care for, I did enjoy watching this movie. I just kept laughing out loud at the “insider” Easter eggs. Good call, lady!

  • Jan W.

    That does sound fun! I wonder if a Lakeshore alum made a movie, if I would catch the insider references? Probably not, my memory’s not that good.

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