Three sentence movie reviews: Your Sister’s Sister

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I wanted to like this movie, because I like Mark Duplass and Mike Birbiglia was a producer, (and had a bit part) but especially because Rosemary DeWitt and Emily Blunt were in it.  And while there was a pretty funny modern comedy of errors in the middle third of the movie, overall the story was slow and so despite all those things that should have made this a good film, it was only so-so.  There was also an amusing “vegan pancakes” subplot and the setting was very pretty in that drippy Seattle way.

Cost: $1.00 from Videorama
Where watched:  at home.

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  • Sara K.

    How interesting that I have never heard of it (as if I must know ALL films every produced). Seems like it might pass the Bechdel test. But if it did, you would likely have said something about it already.

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