3SMR: Top Movies April 2018

 In Everything, Top Movies

(13 movies watched)

Third time, still good
Issues of race and sumptuous costumes

Classic for a reason

Rainy hope

The end

Stark and meditative, until that one part.

Much to my surprise, it actually worked.

The poster doesn’t lie

And neither does this one.

What a great movie month!

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  • Sara K.

    Woo hoo for April! Way to be a prime movie month! This series of comments brought to you by blog prep. I’m uploading pictures from our trip to the O L D C O M P U T E R which means it is taking F……..O………..R………E……V……..E……….RRRRRRRRRRRR. It is hard when I can see the new CPU waiting to be installed just a few feet from my office desk.

  • Sara K.

    But I figure it’s better to have them on a computer as back up to upload before I add more May posts to the blog. So, hi!

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