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I was hopeful that Catherine Hardwicke’s direction would make this a better movie than it seemed like it would be.  And then I was hopeful that Oscar Issac would do his usual thing and be amazing.  Both hopes were crushed and I spent the movie contemplating if it was so boring because I’m so familiar with the story.

Cost: free due to give subscription
Where watched: at home, while removing the unlikable yellow and putting on the very likable spring green.

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  • Jan W.

    Didn’t the girl who played Mary get pregnant out of wedlock right around the time the movie came out and it was a huge scandal? I feel like it (stupidly) killed her career. I had no idea that Oscar Isaac was in it, but it came out about 9 years before he landed on my radar screen.

    • stenaros

      About halfway through the movie I thought, “I think this is the movie where this actress got pregnant and there was a scandal.” And indeed it was. I’m sure it didn’t help her career, but if IMDB is to be believed, it seems that she also has alcohol problems. Her daughter lives with her dad and not her. (Again, according to IMDB trivia, which you can’t always trust.)

      I also learned reading IMDB trivia that Oscar Issac and Jessica Chastain were in the same Julliard class. And no. They weren’t. I just went back and re-read and it seems they are both graduates and friends, but not necessarily at the same time.

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