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I’ve been watching enough women directors that I can differentiate their styles and Hardwicke is the rock star director*  So it’s good that she directed this tale of a rock star who has lost her way and is working her way back.  It was creepy and disturbing in a way that I did not at all enjoy,** but think it was well done overall.

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*I think she herself doesn’t have a tremendously rock star persona, but man, her films are balls-to-the-wall in that excessive way of the rock era with the huge caravans with the masseuses and the scores of backup singers and gaggles of groupies, not to mention picking out all the brown M&Ms and drinking Jack for breakfast.
**Physiological thrillers are not my deal.  It didn’t help that the DVD synopsis was so vague I had no idea it was a psychological thriller.

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  • Jan W.

    I too don’t like psychological thrillers. I wonder if it’s because they make me so uncomfortable. I don’t think I care enough about it to parse it out by watching more.

    • stenaros

      Wise choice.

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