Top 49 movies of the last five years, part 2

 In All (-ish), Three Sentence Movie Reviews

Continuing with the list. To see all five posts, click on “top 49.”

13 Going on 30. I saw this at home, having dismissed it as not theater worthy. But it turned out the main character and I were the same age, which added an emotional resonance to the movie hadn’t anticipated. Plus, the Thriller Dance. This would be a scene that would partially inspire the TSDP a few years later.

The Departed. Did I breathe at all during this movie? I don’t think so. Gripping! Incredibly bloody! Boston accents!

Galaxy Quest. I refused to watch this movie for a long time, due to Tim Allen starring in it, but Matt brought it home for some reason and I laughed so hard we had to pause the movie so I could catch my breath. Plus, Enrico Colantoni! Such fun.

Breach. “Some of these movies I can’t remember” I said to Matt as I was going through the list. “Like, what the heck is Breach?”

“That was a really good movie!” Matt exclaimed. “It was that FBI one.”

“Oh yeah,” I said, remembering. “that was really good!” and onto my list it went.

It’s got a forgettable title, but it’s a great drama and based on a true story. I also heard the interview with the real Eric O’Neill on Fresh Air, and that was very interesting too.

The Company. Another title so forgettable I had to remind myself what the movie was. But a quite good Robert Altman movie about ballet. Plus! James Franco as a mostly-silent chef/boyfriend.

Superbad. You either like this kind of movie, which means you have already seen it. Or you don’t which means you haven’t and you won’t. Judd Apatow does male friendship so well. That last scene really kills me.

The Lives of Others. Here is Florian Henckel von Donnorsmark’s fabulous film. Incredibly moving. Don’t delay, see this today.

Juno. I still think it’s over-written as in, no one talks like that. But even with that (I pick over-writing over under-writing any day) this is a perfect movie about which my friend correctly say, “Everyone does the right thing, even though it is hard.” Aside from that, it’s hilarious.

Atonement. I came out of this movie thinking, “that was okay” and dismissed it as just that. Then I couldn’t stop thinking about it for three days and upgraded it to a Very Good Movie. Does anyone not love James McAvoy after this movie?

Charlie Wilson’s War. Aaron Sorkin, I’ll watch anything you write. And it will most likely be very, very good.

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  • Sara K.

    James McAvoy – YUM! Juno is quite fun! I love this movie! 13 going on 30 – I saw that at the church/movie theater/bar of McMenimans with my sis! So, of course I loved it.

  • balyien

    Oh, Galaxy Quest, I will always love you. 🙂

  • Matt

    Galaxy Quest was strongly recommended by one of the authors in the Complete Guide to Writing Fantasy. I can look up the exact quote later, but it was a powerful directive.

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