Top 49 movies of the last five years, part 3

 In All (-ish), Three Sentence Movie Reviews

Continuing on with our list. To see all five posts, click on “top 49.”

Junebug. If you like Amy Adams, this is a film for you.

No Country For Old Men. Engrossing not-funny Cohen Brothers. Beautifully filmed.

Persepolis. You may think you don’t want to see an animated film with a female protagonist set during the Iran-Iraq war. You would be wrong.

Enchanted. “Why do we own Enchanted?” our friend Laurie asked her husband Burt. Burt kind of looked at her.

“I bet he has a thing for Amy Adams” I suggested. His face scrunched up in a way that indicated he did have a thing for Amy Adams. I told him I did too. Forget McDreamy, Amy Adams is dreamy.

Iron Man. Much like I will watch anything Aaron Sorkin writes, I will watch anything Robert Downey Jr. is in. When it is this good, I’m delighted.

Gone Baby, Gone. So good I watched it twice in one weekend and showed a deleted scene to Matt. I later found out this was based on a series of books about Boston P.I. I devoured that series over the following summer. Now I’ve got Matt reading them too.

Once. Utterly charming.

All the Real Girls. Wonderful performances, and a secondary character (Bust-Ass) who steals every scene he is in. This movie was my happy introduction to Danny McBride and Paul Schneider and furthered my love of Joan Allen and Zooey Deschanel.

21. A perfect Hollywood caper movie with the bonus of nerd power. Very fun.

Tropic Thunder. This movie was a wonderful way to end the summer. I read the press, and I was prepared to not liked it THAT much. But I laughed and laughed and laughed.

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  • Sara K.

    Nice choices…I have seen a few of them! I like it when our movie tastes coincide. Junebug was super cute.

  • IdahoGirls

    I have not seen Junebug. I do like Amy Adams, and McDreamy and I go way back (Can't buy me love was a poster in my room). We love Enchanted in our home and I make my children crazy when I put on the Happy-clean up song on for them to clean their rooms.

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