Three sentence movie reviews: Adjustment Bureau

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This was a great concept that was executed sloppily with the result being the movie dragged on and on. Not even the fact that I got to watch Matt Damon and Emily Blunt made this an enjoyable experience. Plus, who knew that while god did a good job of creating a colorful cast of multicultural operatives/angels, she didn’t bother to make any FEMALE operatives/angels?*

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*I mean seriously, the only room in this movie for the “second sex” was as a screen for the men in the movie to emote to. Emily Blunt’s character had NO information about what was going on and Matt Damon gives her 15 seconds of catch-up dialog and she’s happy to run off with him. Really? The whole thing frosted my liver.
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  • Sara K.

    Wow, I really liked this movie. What happened to my feminist dander? You bring up an excellent point.

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