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Even if one is not the biggest fan of boxing movies and tends to hide behind one’s hands while the actual boxing is happening, I would recommend this movie. Simply fabulous acting by all players combined with colorful characters, fun accents and excellent storytelling made this a movie I had to keep reminding myself to breathe during. Also, if someone wrote a novel about the lives of Micky Ward’s seven sisters, I think I would be first in line to read it.

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Note that the above three sentences were written with the feminist filter turned off. Here’s my problem: Near the end of the movie, Amy Adams has this big speech about how she’s trying to really do something with her life. And that’s great as all women should try to do something with there lives. My problem? The big thing she is trying to do with her life is support her boxing boyfriend. While this is a noble endeavor, I think that actually falls under the category of “supporting” and not actually “doing.” Give me ONE example of a movie where a man makes a big speech about how his main purpose is to support his girlfriend/wife and that is fine and dandy with everyone. I would love to see more examples of Hollywood storytelling where women are DOING things, not just hitching their stars to the men in their lives. Or, at the very least, movies that portray men hitching their stars to the woman in their life.

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  • Matt

    I support Sara K. Sterner in posting to this blog.

  • Sara K.

    Thank you, Matt! I am giggling now! It only took me 8 days to see your shout out!

    (3 sentence comment to the comment. 3 sentence movie review comment coming soon!)

  • Sara K.

    I have not seen this yet. I debated back and forth because of the boxing context. Might definitely give it a try now!

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