Three sentence movie reviews: William Shakespeare’s Romeo + Juliet

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The first few minutes of this movie had me wondering if I was going to like it this time around, because I had fond memories from my first viewing when it was originally released, but this time I found the introduction incredibly obnoxious. But once Leonardo DiCaprio and Clare Danes showed up I loved it all over again.  There was a lot of kissing–the poster is quite accurate in its representation.

Cost: Free from Library
Where watched:  At home.

ps:  I almost couldn’t find this in the library catalog because it’s not Romeo & Juliet it’s Romeo plus sign Juliet.  So now I call it that in my mind.  It’s also from the era of movies needing to tell us who their famous authors are, as if we don’t already know.  I recall “Nathaniel Hawthorne’s Scarlet Letter” also being a title of the same era.

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  • Sara K.

    I love your PS about the famous authors!

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