3SMReviews: Friends With Kids

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3SMReviews: Friends With Kids

So the thing about movies with “alternative” plots is that they nearly all of the time end up in the traditional way.*  The trick of such a movie is to be able to bring me along, so I agree with the traditional ending by the time they get there.** This was a very smart, funny movie*** and I can report I was quite happy with the ending so now you are left to figure out if it kept an alternate solution, or if it was just well written enough to charm me into agreeing with the traditional ending.****

Cost:  $1.20 from Redbox (impulse purchase on the way out of the store)
Where watched:  at home.

*I’m not saying this one does, but most of them do
**The movie He’s Just Not That Into You completely failed with the Aniston/Affleck plot, which massively annoyed me
**Shawn Levy said something to the effect of: it’s the rare romantic comedy that is both romantic AND a comedy. I think he hit the nail on the head.
****Or, you can just watch it yourself.

Best DVD extra? Megan Fox expertly playing some video game and trying to coach a hapless Adam Scott.

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  • Sara K.

    We really liked this movie. Especially since I have had friends with kids for most of my adult life, while I remained kid-less. Some of those scenes with the new parents and the non-parents completely killed it! I laughed a lot!

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