Sometimes first impressions are right.

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When I graduated high school, I piled in a car with three other friends the day after our graduation and we drove to Oregon for a short vacation.  One of our observations about the Beaver State?  There are road signs everywhere!  They told us the speed limit was going to change, told us to turn our lights off after a tunnel and told us that there might be “Congestion.”  That was our favorite. We would always cough when we saw that one.

But walking to work today, I realized the incredible number of signs that were jammed in a two-block stretch.  This one has five, as does the next block.

I’m glad to see that, 20 years on, Oregon signs are still everywhere.

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  • balyien

    After living in Oregon for ten years, I have found myself complaining about the lack of signage in other states, lol.

  • Sara K.

    We have a lot of signage here, but it is usually not helpful signage or it is placed in a location that makes it unhelpful. Like letting people know that the exit ramp is on the left, not the right, just before the actual exit ramp. In our traffic, that kind of sign needs to be a lot earlier along the path! Not everyone is from places where such off-ramps exist. There was a very horrible hour and a half spent on the GW Parkway trying to navigate such pains…

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