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I think I’ve figured out that watching a Paul Thomas Anderson movie is not like watching a typical verse/chorus/verse/chorus/bridge/chorus-type movie.  I was entranced the entire film because the acting is tremendous, and yet I felt like nothing had really happened when the movie was over.  Instead of watching a story, it seemed like I was on a journey with the characters.

Where watched:  Laurelhurst Theater
Cost:  $4.00

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  • balyien

    When the kept referencing this movie at the Oscars, I had no idea what they were talking about. I'd never even heard of it. I still have no idea what it's about!

  • Patricia

    SCIENTOLOGY! Philliop Seymour Hoffman plays the L. Ron Hubbard guy, Amy Adams plays one of his wives, and Joaquin Phoenix plays a WWII Vet and drunkard who attaches to them early on. There's lots of crazy presumably Scientology stuff in it which alone makes it worth watching.

  • Sara K.

    I lo ve this review, it is very succinct and yet powerful. I also was wondering about all of the references during the Oscars. Is it an official reference to Scientology or just a winking reference and we all know the truth?

  • Patricia

    Roger Ebert says, "it's title character is transparently inspired by L. Ron Hubbard, the fonder of Scientology." I don't know enough about Scientology, or its founder, to know if anything else about the movie was directly taken from it. However, this article in Slate says a lot was.

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