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I love the look of this building, run down though it may be.  For the five-plus years I’ve lived in North Portland, this has been a rough-around-the-edges car repair place.  From the looks of the RV parked on the lot, I surmised that the owner lived on site.  The whole lot was always full of rusted out cars.
So imagine my surprise one day when I noticed that everything was gone.  What happened?  Did the owner die?  Run out of money?  Decide to see the world?  Retire?  Also, what happened to all those non-working cars?

There’s a for-rent sign, so maybe something new will appear there.  I doubt it though.  I see a tear-down in the cards for this lot.
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  • Sara K.

    I always want to turn these sorts of gas stations into something super cool. A shop or restaurant of some sort. Sweets-to-Go? I love the idea. If only I was independently wealthy!

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