Three sentence movie reviews: The Place Beyond the Pines

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In celebration of having my real life back,* I took myself out to this movie.  It was a very good choice as I loved the story itself, the acting was phenomenal,** I was entranced the entire time and kept thinking about the movie in the days that followed.  This was an excellent flick and not just because a certain someone was all tarted up with incredibly white trash tattoos.***

Cost:  A premium $8.50
Where watched: Regal Fox Tower

*Class is over, dress is mostly done, I can reclaim my time!
**Hamster Ryan Gosling is growing on me and Bradley Cooper keeps being marvelous.
***It took about a week before I realized that the Ryan Gosling character was cleverly designed to appeal to every single bad-boy trigger point:  trashy motorcycle racer who changes his ways for not just a woman but, (wait for it) a baby!  I totally fell for it.

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  • balyien

    I don't know if I've even heard of this movie before. Is this just the beginning of becoming old and out-of-touch?

  • Sara K.

    I feel like it is NFS. I am intrigued. Glad to hear that the hamsteriness is dissipating.

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