Three sentence movie reviews: Treme Season 1

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I appreciate this series for being filmed in New Orleans not long after Hurricane Katrina, so as to provide a visual reminder of how it was.  I also appreciate it because I so rarely come across television series that focus on both Black and White middle class characters.  And aside from making clear all that we (as a country) and they (as people of New Orleans) lost, they also cast Steve Zahn (I delight in coming across him)  in a lead role and also the music is tremendous.

Cost:  Free (borrowed from a friend)
Where watched:  at home, while knitting Hunger Games Sweater

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  • Sara K.

    Very interesting. I have not heard of this show. Thanks for sharing.

  • Jan W.

    This show is available to me via HBO GO and I’ve considered watching it on multiple occasions. Didn’t know that Steve Zahn is in it! I may give it a shot now.

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