Three sentence movie reviews: The Duff

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The content of this movie grounds it firmly as a mid-level contender in the teen movie category.  However, the performances by the two leads elevates the film into 101 minutes of fun because the two (clearly mid-twenty-year-old people playing high school seniors) are just so darn cute to watch. I was interested to notice that tops for teenage girls have crept back up to midriff-bearing levels, though the waistline of the jeans/pants/skirts seems to have stayed firmly at normal waistline level.

Cost: $5.00 (which was a pleasant surprise. I was prepared to pay top movie-going dollar, but it turns out this particularly theater has $5.00 Tuesday AND Sundays.) And actually I paid nothing because I had a gift card.
Where watched: Regal City Center 12 Vancouver.

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  • Jan W.

    Aww, this sounds cute and fun. It’s probably already out of the theaters here but maybe I can find a way to watch it somewhere. iTunes, perhaps. On a side note, shame on whoever photoshopped this poster. They made the lead boy look like Simon Cowell. Since I’ve seen the promos for this film, I happen to know that he looks nothing like Simon Cowell, and is at least 30 years younger.

  • Sara K.

    I so adore Mae Whitman. She is so cute. I will give this movie a view.

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