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Kind of an ambling movie, in that it is in no hurry to get through its plot, but rather chooses to focus on acting and cinematography and such. I’m okay with that and those things were all done quite well, with the acting being just as undeniably impressive as the quote on the poster above promises.  Can we all just call for an official resolution stating that Casey Affleck  is a phenomenally underutilized actor?*

Cost: free from library (plucked from the shelf!  No hold necessary!)
Where watched: at home

*Thank goodness he’s a man and can just keep acting for the rest of his life instead of being shunted to the side at 30, as might happen to Rooney Mara who is also quite good.

poster from: http://www.impawards.com/2013/aint_them_bodies_saints.html
Do you not just love this poster?

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  • Jan W.

    I have to admit that I don’t love the poster. I think it’s kind of awkward. Maybe it would make more sense if I saw the movie?

    I wasn’t sure if I’d seen Casey Affleck in anything, so I looked him up and discovered that he was in American Pie 1 & 2 and in Ocean’s 11 & 12. I have no idea who he was in any of these movies, i.e. I don’t recognize the character names. I was in the room when Dan watched Interstellar, but didn’t really pay attention to it. I assume he was Matthew McCaughnahey’s poor, neglected son? So, I guess I haven’t really “seen” him in anything.

    • stenaros

      In the Oceans movies he plays one half of the twins who look nothing alike and are always fighting. He’s also one of the foursome in Good Will Hunting. If you have a high tolerance for not-talking movies, he and Matt Damon are the lead (and only) actors in Gerry, which is my favorite of the “not talking” Van Sant films. He’s quite good in “The assassination of Jessie James by the coward Robert Ford” and I love him in “Gone Baby Gone” (though that’s an annoying let’s-marginalize-the-woman adaptation). Oh yes, and he’s one of the three kids in “To Die For”, (Joaquin Pheonix and a fabulous girl who didn’t act in very many other things round out the trio) who kill Matt Damon.

      He is indeed the poor neglected son in Intersteller.

      Apparently we will get to see him as Meriwether Lewis soon.

      Anyway, I really like him.

  • Sara K.

    I truly adore Casey Affleck! it was fun when he started doing movies on his own and not with his brother. I agree that he should do more work.

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