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The only person I’ve run across, critic or not, who actually likes this movie is my friend Hafidha, so I didn’t really expect to like this.  And I didn’t.  It had a good start, but got bogged down in boring action scenes (and endless fight that didn’t give me anything but wishing the fight either provided some character/plot development or would end) and ultimately was just good to have on while I made progress with the knitting.

Cost: free from library (a “Why not?” that perhaps should have been a “Nah”.)
Where watched: at home.

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Good poster though.

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  • Jan W.

    Dan loved this movie, so now you know two people who have positive things to say about it!* I haven’t seen it and nothing about it appeals to me, so I probably won’t see it.

    *For the most part, Dan has terrible taste in movies.

  • Sara K.

    Very nice that you gave it a try. Sorry it didn’t pan out and become a favorite. I will leave it off of my too watch list.

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